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The five departments jointly issued a document to promote the online financing model of the accounts receivable financing service platform

Release Date: 2017-03-29

3月29日,The five departments of the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Banking Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Financial Support for the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing Country (Yinfa [2017] No. 58),It is proposed to vigorously develop financial products and services in the industrial chain,It is also clear that the accounts receivable financing service platform built by the People's Bank of China effectively meets the financing needs of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain。

Finance is the blood of the development of manufacturing enterprises, and China's manufacturing industry can not achieve the grand plan of "2025 Made in China" without financial support。Small, medium and micro enterprises contain major innovation opportunities for the development of manufacturing industry, but because of the lack of sufficient mortgage guarantee, weak anti-risk ability, and long-term faceFinancing is difficult, expensive and so on问题。Therefore, solving the financing problem of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises is a major strategic task to achieve manufacturing power, which is related to people's livelihood and society。

  Accounts receivable financing service platform

After in-depth study of advanced experience at home and abroad, the Credit Information Center of the People's Bank of China determined the direction of solving the financing difficulties of small, medium and micro enterprises through accounts receivable financing, and organized and built the accounts receivable financing service platform at the end of 2013。Positioned as a financial infrastructure, the platform aims to alleviate the pain points of offline accounts receivable financing business and facilitate the smooth conclusion of financing transactions through functions such as online confirmation of accounts receivable debtors, transmission and feedback of financing demand information, and sending of pledges/transfer notices of accounts receivable。With the gradual improvement of platform functions,The platform is actively engaged in systematic docking with the core enterprises of the supply chain and capital providers, and realizes the full-process, efficient and sustainable online accounts receivable financing model through the automatic online transmission of financing related information。

As of the end of March 2017, the platform has accumulated 120,000 registered users, and has contributed to 7 financing transactions.30,000 transactions, financing transaction amount 4.More than 70% of the RMB 4 trillion fund supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, effectively helping to solve the financing problem of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises。

Platform online accounts receivable financing business model

The online accounts receivable financing business model refers to the platform as an "intermediate system" to connect with the core enterprise ERP system and the fund provider credit system respectively,Thus, the information bridge between the core enterprise and the capital provider is built,The accounts receivable financing data can be automatically, accurately and quickly interactive,At the same time, the auxiliary interface query accounts receivable registration information and other functions,Realize the whole process of online financing mode from financing application, financing approval, convenient registration, sending pledge/transfer notice to fast loan,Help suppliers of core enterprises to complete batch, rapid and continuous financing。

What are the advantages of online accounts receivable financing model

1.The account data is transmitted directly between the systems, reducing the human operation cost;

2.The automatic operation of the system reduces human intervention, avoids the risk of moral hazard and fraud, and ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the trade background;

3.Compared with the direct connection between banks and enterprises, it avoids the cost of repeated development. As long as the platform is connected at one time, it can quickly connect with multiple partners.

4.With the credibility of the platform and the attributes of the third-party platform, it helps to eliminate the concerns of all parties in information security in docking cooperation。

How effective is the online accounts receivable financing model

Since the promotion started in the second half of 2016, the online accounts receivable financing model has gradually been recognized by the majority of enterprises。As of the end of March 2017,The listed companies Chery Automobile, Sichuan Changhong and Chuying Agriculture and Animal Husbandry have completed the system docking with the platform,Nearly 20 core enterprises such as TBEA have reached a system docking cooperation intention with the platform,此外,The Bank of China, Huishang Bank, Kunlun Bank and other fund providers are also actively carrying out docking work with the platform。

With more and more core enterprises docking with the platform, more small and medium-sized enterprises will be helpedAccess to efficient and convenient financingIn order to alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises。